An unforgettable evening in London

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An unforgettable evening for us at The Dome, London.

We got some great photos from that capture a few moments of that evening.

A standout highlight of the evening was the guest appearance of Greg of @esoteric_uk who joined us to perform the song “The Maelstrom. As we’ve been fans of Esoteric for ages and haven’t seen each other in this constellation since our joint European tour in 2012, it was something special to finally see the guys live again.

Skepticism performance made the evening even more special. It was a pleasure to finally meet the guys.

Pic 1 shows us with our dear co-promoter @paol_eth

(“Mein lieber Scholli”). Again, thanks for the hospitality 🙏

Nights like these are rare, and that’s what makes them so precious.