Berlin – Lichtlaerm Fest
Neue Zukunft, Berlin

Lichtlaerm Audio will be hosting a Festival as a gesture of gratitude to the artists that chose to work with us:

18th Oct. 2024 at “Neue Zukunft” in Berlin! We’ll keep this short here and will add infos as we go!

Spearheading the lineup of the first edition will be our good friends AHAB: we don’t need to introduce the legendary Nautic Doom institution, right? Celebrating their 20th anniversary and their most recent opus, “The Coral Tombs,” they will bring a monumental mix of riffs heavier than the White Whale itself and emotions that will leave no one untouched!

Alongside them, we’ve managed to get our friends from VALBORG on board for one of their rather rare shows: Valborg defy the limitations of every genre and are a band that needs to be experienced rather than described – the feeling of uneasiness they create with their cold sound and at times nauseating lyricism is unique in the most impressive way!

Along with Ahab, we’re happy to salute their sailors on their anniversary tour: RANA! They created a lot of rumble in the underground with their ‘23 release “Richtfeuer”: if you’re into crust, post-metal, and atmospheric black metal, you’ll love them and their energetic live-set!

One of the most impressive acts to emerge from the Berlin music scene recently is MACHUKHA! We have a deep personal connection to the people in the band, the music, and everything that makes them do what they do: with one of the most immersive and sincere live shows you’ll ever see, they will present their new album “Mochari” – entirely written in Ukrainian this album will end up in many, many AOTY lists for a good reason: it’s an incredibly believable and true expression of pain.

Last but not least: Haeresis – being the band of Lichtlaerms founder it is the direct connection and perfect representation of the idea, vision, and heritage of Lichtlaerm itself: balancing ethereal atmospheres and raw energy into a blend that is unparalleled in extreme music. Above all, the band is well known for their immersive live shows, characterized by the intense fusion of light (Licht) and an unrelenting assault of sound (Laerm) – with this show being a particularly special one…

Tickets are limited to 333pcs and are on sale starting now!